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Electronic registration Hijacking (REA)

Electronic registration of Logo Hijacking


What is a seizure?

It is an allotment that citizens can give to others to act on its behalf in certain formalities or proceedings electronically before the General administration of the state and / or their public agencies linked or dependent.

What is the electronic registration of Hijacking?

Electronic registration of Apoderamientos. created by Article 15 of the Royal Decree 1671 / 2009, 6 November, that develops partially law 11 / 2007. of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to Public Services cough, allows
register representations that citizens allow third parties to act on its behalf of electronic form before the General administration of the state and its associated or subordinate public bodies.

What do you do a citizen as principal online?

  • Create an attorney for one or several tape
  • Consult their hijacking
  • Extend its hijacking
  • Revoke hijacking

What do you do a proxy for Internet?

  • Consult their hijacking
  • Renounce hijacking
  • Confirm apode ramientos (if procedures so require partners)

Who can grant a seizure?

Any individual or company, providing in this case the corporate name and NIF of the same and its legal representative.

What can I retakes?

All the paperwork and performances by electronic means that beforehand have communicated to registration ministerial departments and agencies responsible for processing.

Processes that can be empowering (dependent on the different Public administrations. Check with your local webs of the same to know which offer you this option.

Should the proxy explicit consent?

It is required only in those tape or proceedings by electronic means that they have determined ministerial departments and agencies responsible for processing.

What is a category of paperwork?

A grouping of paperwork, similar characteristics, which allows me in a single transaction in the register, granting a global grabbing for all of them. The grouping of the tape predetermines the competent body. If the competent body updates
tape grouping of a category, adding or removing formalities, the habititaciones that had been made on the same will be automatically updated without intervention by the principal or proxy.

When enters into force a seizure?

Within a maximum of 48 hours after the date of its incorporates tion to electronic record of Hijacking.

What duration has a seizure?

The fixed by the principal when registering the apoderamiento. may not in any case exceed the maximum established by the agency

Can I revoke a seizure?

At any time, so telematics or face to face.

How acredito my identity?

With DNI electronic or digital certificate recognized in force (prerequisite).

For more information about certificates available recognized

What do you do a proxy in my name?

Any action electronic or set of them (category) for which explicitly authorized.

The representatives who I high. do occur in any register telematic?

Are registered in the electronic register common, which can be consulted acknowledgement of registration in the electronic registration of Hijacking.

How can I add a seizure in electronic registration of Hijacking?

In 3 easy steps:

  1. By selecting the procedure / procedures that desire apoderar. the selection of categories facilitates the seizure grouped tape.
  2. Introducing the data of the person flsica or representative of the company that desire retakes, indicating the seizure
  3. Signing through my digital certificate grabbing form

What technical requirements are required to use the electronic registration of Hijacking?

In order to use this service is necessary that your computer has the following technical requirements supported:

  • Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, View, 7, 2003 Server, Server 2007, Linux (Guadalinex, Ubuntu), MacOS X 10.5, Sun Solaris / OpenSoLaris 10
  • Java virtual machine: 1.5 update22 or higher.
  • Browser: Firefox 3.x, Internet ExpLorer 5.5 or higher, Chrome 3.0 or higher, Apple Safari 10 or higher.